Roofing maintenance and repairs

Spotting roofing problems early can save you a fortune. Here are some of the telltale warning signs to look out for and how much you should expect to pay for repairs. Roof types Most houses have pitched (raised) roofs covered in tiles or slate. Tiles are commonly made out of cement or clay. Cement tiles should last 40-50 years and are about 70p each. Clay tiles last longer. Slate is hard-wearing but rarely used because it's expensive. More slates than tiles are needed due to how they ov... Read more

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Top 10 tips for your roof

1. Ladders lofts and roofs present particular hazards if in doubt use a surveyor or a reputable builder 2. Inspect your roof twice a year from ground level, binoculars can be helpful, a neighbouring property may be a useful vantage point 3. Inspection through the loft access trap may show daylight penetration possibly caused by missing covering or damaged flashings 4. Debris on the ground from broken slates tiles or shingles indicates that there may be a problem 5. Have missing tiles slates ... Read more

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Five important tips for maintaining your roof

1. Your home's roof should be inspected at least twice a year, both from the outside and inside the loft. If you can see daylight in the loft, there's probably something missing on the outside. Roof tiles or slates that have broken, slipped out of place, or been blown off are a common occurrence. If they're not replaced, rainwater will get into the loft and cause damage there and then the rooms below. Water staining in the loft is an early warning sign of a problem with the roof covering, so ge... Read more

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